[IMPORTANT NOTE: Press the fullscreen button on the bottom right to experience the game as close as we intended it to be experienced!]

[Tutorial: You're trying to escape the station, but you don't know which monster is after you! Try to, intuitively, figure out which of the monsters (by sound) is after you using your bestiary, and use the correct environment elements to avoid his attention (No indicative of that in-game yet, but if he notices you're there, you get a YOU LOST screen.). Some elements in the environment might be red herrings - some might not! The game has no UI except the Bestiary and your progress bar for unlocking the escape pods. The rest should be easy to figure out. ]

TL;DR: Folclore is a survival excape-the-room game in which you're being hunted by one (or more...) creatures from the brazilian folclore. You need to identify the signs, read the entries in your trusty "Folk Creature Guide" and avoid the monster accordingly, while decodifying a radio message to escape from the facility!


This game was submitted for the 3rd Game Maker's Toolkit Jam!

You wake up, stunned and confused. A loud, banging noise is heard, and you cry out for anybody who can hear you. Next to you, a body. Disfigured. Burnt. In a way you've never seen before. And besides it, a book, bloodied. In its open pages, a description of a grotesque, multi-eyed scaley monster with blinding , toothy and grippingly, alongisde its belly. The book talks more about its eating and hunting habits, but you cast that aside in order to find out what's going on, if somebody survived, and if you can get out of there alive. No luck on the survivor front  (with you realizing you're completely locked in, with no way to know what's out), but you find a way out with an escape pod localized in your room. Your happiness turns to despair when you hear the loud banging noise again. You hesitate, and look at the shut door.  Then, back at the book, and you can't help but read a bit more.

The creature depicted can be recognized as a snake. Its name is "Boitatá".

You hear a loud, chilling hiss.

Folclore is a cosmic horror-inspired take on FNAF, Adventure Games and the Brazilian Folklore in a way that realistically captures the whimsical, yet terrifying essence of their true nature and description. Being the only one survivor and spending the entire game on only one perpsective and only one room, players must decypher the emergency unlock back to safety while also managing to study the bestiary to understand which beast they're dealing with, how to deal with them and deal with all the fake signs and 

You hear a loud, metallic clang. Is that a telltale from one of the creatures? Maybe it's nothing. Should you quickly check if any of them reference any metallic clangs? Is it the station, your mind playing tricks on you or are you about to get shredded? 


Left Click - Interact (Turn on/off lights, hide, terminal), Open Bestairy (by clicking the book on the corner).

Adherence to the Jam's Theme: The game was intended, from the start, to be a static perspective and our goal was to try and make that static perspective, with no fakeouts like "FNAF Cameras" and no jumpscares, be as psychologically terrifying as possible while maintaining interactivity and player freedom. Later in development, we realized that building a point-and-click game with only one inventory object was also a very interesting test of our skills!

The fact that there's only one playable character and only one "monster was more of a natural consequence due to scope than actual theme adherence, but we think it adds bonus points! :D



Engine: Unity 2019.3.0a11

Repository: Github

Art: Aseprite + Adobe Photoshop CC

Programming: Visual Studio Code + Sourcetree

Sound: FL Studio


ART Guilherme Pinagé & João Vitor Trindade

GAME DESIGN Gabriel Medeiros & João Vitor Trindade

PROGRAMMING André Mazal Krauss

SOUND DESIGN Roberto Nascimento

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