Devlog #0: Continue?

Woah, hey, hello! More than a month after the Game Jam's end, and suddenly there's a devlog?! What's going on? Did we forget about the game? Are we improving it? Are we going to release it? Is this going to be a thing now? Are hotdogs technically sandwiches? Well, let's try to answer (most) of those questions:

First of all, we were awarded "Honorable Mention" by Mark Brown himself in his video about the best games from the GMTK Jam! (Find us at 3:04!). The team is absolutely HONORED to have been acknowledged and we're grateful for every feedback, positive or negative. A major thank you to sir Mark Brown for inspiring us all throughout our journey, be it in the past with his amazing videos used by us as references and guidelines to this day, in the present of the jam for providing us with a thoughtful theme and giving us the channel to discuss it (Shoutouts to the GMTK Discord!) and for the future, since it's thanks to his acknowledgement as a Honorable Mention that we've fired ourselves up to keep working on it!

Oh, yeah, by the way, after a very thorough rest and a meeting between all of us to decide what the future of this project holds... We've decided to continue to work on it! Not only that, we've decided to release it for Android!! We've come to realize that, with the way the game is setup and designed, it's VERY mobile-friendly with some veeery minor adjustments in resolution, game design, controls, enemy probability-- Okay, not so minor. Guess we've got quite the road ahead of us - and we want somewhere to catalogue it as we traverse it! 

So stay tuned for more news right here - we're planning it to update the Devlog quite a bit!

Thank you for everything!

- CP Team

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